Here’s a rundown on the newest mural, “Down on the Boardwalk” plus a list of where to find all of the Carolina Beach murals that have bee completed so far.

Adding another mural and solidifying the claim as North Carolina’s Mural City, the Carolina Beach Mural Project announced Scott Nurkin as the named Artist who will create Mural #5  “Down on the Boardwalk”.

Scott attended the Lorenzo di Medici School of Art in Florence, Italy and graduated with a degree in painting and drawing from UNC at Chapel Hill. Scott completed a 3-year apprenticeship with master-muralist Michael Brown at Brown Fine Art Studios after graduation.

In 2004, Scott branched out on his own founding The Mural Shop in Chapel Hill. Today they provide a multitude of professional artistic services including illustration, fine art, graphic design, custom and vintage signage, and most of all, murals. His mural portfolio has expanded, creating hundreds of murals and illustrations for a broad clientele ranging from homeowners to professional sports teams.

“Down on the Boardwalk” will be created on the North and West walls of Hurricane Alley’s. Scott is expected to start the project on May 15th and the project should take about 2 weeks to complete. 

The Carolina Beach Mural Project is made up of art fans, volunteers, local business owners and others working together to find funding to commission local, experienced North Carolina artists to install amazing murals throughout Carolina Beach, North Carolina.  

Carolina Beach Mural Tour

Check out this full list of the Carolina Beach murals and where to find them. Upload your photos to Instagram using #CBmural #CBvisitor #CBlocal

Mural #1 Welcome to Carolina Beach

This mural, crafted by artist Susan Nuttall, has feel-good, vintage postcard vibes that is a must-see when visiting Carolina Beach and Pleasure Island. Revealed March 2020.

  • Location: 1121 N. Lake Park Blvd outside of Town Hall / MAP

Mural #2 Surf & See

Before it was the home of the Veggie Wagon, the building that serves as the location of “Surf & See” was once a popular surf shop owned by photographer Robbie Johnson. He was also the founder of Surf Carolina Magazine which featured editorials on local surfers from North and South Carolina. Carla Garrison-Mattos, the artist of of the “Surf & See” dedicated her mural to Johnson to honor his business, surfing and wildlife photography contributions. Revealed in November 2020.

  • Location: side of Veggie Wagon, 608 Lake Park Blvd S / MAP

Mural #3 Carolina Dreamin’

Wilmington North Carolina Carolina Beach Murals

Located near the historic Carolina Beach Boardwalk on the Crush & Grind building, “Carolina Dreamin'” aims to capture the fun-in-the-sun, day-at-the-beach lifestyle that Pleasure Island is famous for. Mural artist, Jason Parker, designed “Carolina Dreamin’ to capture the sunny skies, blue waves, and colorful sites of the area, but with a edgy punk-rock street style. Be sure to stop by for a photo or selfie the next time you’re strolling through the Carolina Beach business district. Revealed November 6, 2020.

Location: side of Crush & Grind, 7 Harper Avenue / MAP

Mural #4 Record Weekend

The Carolina Beach Music Festival has been rockin’ and rollin’ locals and visitors for nearly 40 years. In fact, according to organizers, the CB event is the “longest-running beach music festival in the United States still on the beach,” offering up beach music and coastal vibes that are sure to entertain. With that in mind, artist Sharon Dowell designed the “Record Weekend” mural to capture the history of Carolina Beach and its vibrant and diverse music scene. Revealed April 12, 2021.

  • Location: north facing side of Sea Witch Tiki Bar, 227 Carolina Beach Ave N / MAP

Mural #5 Down on the Boardwalk

The latest Carolina Beach Mural (as of June 2021) is currently being installed. This public art piece, located at Hurricane Alley’s, celebrates summer on the legendary Carolina Beach Boardwalk. The artist is Scott Nurkin from Chapel Hill, NC. Scott spent many summers in Carolina Beach as a child enjoying fireworks, amusement rides and more. It should be completed within a few weeks!

  • Location: west facing and south facing walls of Hurricane Alleys located at #5 Boardwalk, Carolina Beach / MAP

Mural #6

Mural #6, featuring a “Sunset Over the Marina” theme will be installed on the west-facing brick wall of the Savannah Inn. This addition to the Carolina Beach public art exhibitions will showcase our amazing island sunsets as well as the revitalization of the Marina and its significant contributions to local fishing, boating and life on the water.

  • Coming Soon! Location: west facing brick wall at The Savannah Inn,  316 Carolina Beach Avenue, North

Mural #7

Kate’s Pancake House is a long-time island favorite so of course it is deserving of a fine piece of public art! This mural will feature a Venus Flytrap theme and will have a pop-art style. Venus Flytraps are native to the Carolina coast and can be found in Carolina Beach State Park.

  • Coming Soon! Location: north facing wall of Kate’s Pancake House, 102 Lake Park Blvd S. 

Mural #8

Part-time Carolina Beach resident Greg Ghia sponsored Mural # 8. This public art display will be located on the north-facing wall of The Dive, the infamous downtown bar. Marine life will be the theme.

  • Coming Soon! Location: north facing wall of Kate’s Pancake House, 102 Lake Park Blvd S. 

Carolina Beach Mural Tour Map

  1. “Welcome to Carolina Beach” 1121 N. Lake Park Blvd
  2. “Sunset Over the Marina” The Savannah Inn, 316 Carolina Beach Avenue, North (Coming Soon!)
  3. “Record Weekend” The Sea Witch, 227 Carolina Beach Ave N
  4. “Carolina Dreamin” Crush & Grind building, 7 Harper Avenue
  5. “Marine Life” The Dive, 7 Harper Avenue (Coming Soon!)
  6. “Down on the Boardwalk” Hurricane Alley’s #5 Boardwalk
  7. “Venis Flytrap” Kate’s Pancake House 102 Lake Park Blvd S. (Coming Soon!)
  8. “Surf & Sea” Veggie Wagon 608 Lake Park Blvd S


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